Sloppy Jacks – Zombie Pandemic

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In game information

Description: A little bread, some dog food and whatever secret spices you can scare up, all mushed together into one delightful package. This will certainly help with your hunger, if only you can ignore the smell. Just close your eyes and think of the sloppy jacks mum used to make.
Ingredients: Barky Dog Food, Bread.


This food item is a not-so-delightful source of nutrition in Zombie Pandemic, providing +15 Hunger. It is the 7th best food item in game. When preparing it in real life I wanted to add quite a bit of sauce, and make it look like wet dog food. Also, mixing pieces of bread in the meat sauce didn’t sound tasty, so i decided to make it more appealing by serving it on a hamburger bun. (you can still throw the bread to the mix though, let me know how it turned out!)


1-2 tbs Olive oil
1/2 Finely chopped Medium onion
400g Ground beef
0,5 tsp Ground black pepper
0,5 tsp Ground allspice
0,5 dl Chopped pickled onion’s
2 tbs Tomato purée
0,5 dl Sweet chili sauce
1 tbs Ketchup
1 tbs Mustard
(0,5 tsp) Salt to the taste


1. Fry the finely chopped onion with olive oil in a skillet over medium heat until transparent.
2. Add ground beef and cook it until it is almost all brown.
3. Throw in black pepper, allspice, pickled onions, tomato purée, sweet chili sauce and mix it for couple of minutes.
4. Set the stove to low heat, mix in ketchup, mustard, salt and cover it with a lid for about 5 minutes.
5. Serve on a hamburger bun.


– Makes about 5-6 sloppy jacks.


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