Nutritious Smoothie – Fallen Earth



In game information

Description: This drink item increases Health regeneration by 10, Gamma regen by 4, and Mind save by 4 for 1 hour.
Ingredients: 3x Questionable Fruit, 3x Tainted Berries, 4x Crystallized Honey, 2x Tainted Milk.


As a long-time Fallen Earth fan, I enjoy particularly making recipes from this game. The name called for some “nutritious” quality, thus I added flax and oat bran, which also give the smoothie a nice texture. The taste is an easy one, balanced and not too strong. It might not be your easy to snack T.J.’s Famous energy bar, but sure is more refreshing!


1 Banana (120g)
1 Sweet red apple (red delicious) (140g)
1 Nectarine (70g)
2 dl Plain yogurt
2 tsp Oat bran
0,5 tsp Crushed Flax seed
1,5 tbs Thick honey


  1. Put the fruits and the yogurt to the fridge for about 30-60 minutes.
  2. Peel, wash and cut the fruits into chunks.
  3. Put all the ingredients to a blender.
  4. Blend the mixture for a couple of minutes, until it has reached a smooth texture.
  5. Serve the smoothie straight away, while it is still chilly!


– Makes about 2 glasses of smoothie.
– You might even want to keep the yougurt and fruits in the freezer before blending them for a super chilly smoothie.
– Keep in mind that the color of the smoothie will get darker fairly fast.


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