Curried chicken – Fallen Earth

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In game information

Learned from: Book “Advanced stewing 2”
Description: This item can be consumed.
Tools: Cooking tradeskill kit / Commander’s best crafting kit.
Ingredients: 3 x Edible protein, 2x Savory spice, 2x Harmless legumes, 2x Questionable milk.
Effects: Increases health regeneration by 14 and increases Perception by 6 for 1 hour.


At first I wanted to make the “Wasteland goulash” from the same game, since it seemed to be a bit more challenging and interesting to make, but the ingame ingredients for that dish were not-so-inspiring (Edible Meat, Impure Genetic Material and Pungent Spice… ew…).

The starting idea for this recipe was to make a dish where ragu’ meets curry, and I think the idea worked out pretty well and the result was a one pot wonder… only downside is that cooking this dish takes quite a bit of time.

The end result is a spicy meat ragu’ that should go well with tortillas, nachos or boiled rice (dont forget to serve this without some “questionable milk” aka “unflavoured yogurt” on the side).


2 tbs Olive oil
1 Grated medium carrot (80g)
1 Grated small onion (65g)
6 tsp Curry powder
1/3 tsp Cayanne pepper
1/2 tsp Nutmeg
400g Minced chiken
2.5dl Sieved tomatoes (250g)
3 dl Water (300g)
1.5 tbsp Soy sauce
1 dl Red lentils (rinsed with cold water)
1 tsp Salt


  1. Start by heating the olive oil in a large pan over medium-high heat.
  2. Add grated onion, carrot and spices.
  3. Saute the vegetables and spices for a couple of minutes stirring consantly.
  4. Add the gound chiken and cook it until it is very lightly browned.
  5. Lower heat to medium and add sieved tomatoes, water, soy sauce and lentils.
  6. Cover partly with lid and let the stew lightly boil for about 1,5 hours.
  7. Keep stirring and cheking the stew every now and then and add water if it gets too thick.
  8. Remove lid and boil for approximately 1 more hour until the stew thickens.
  9. Stir in salt and serve.


– Like ragu’, this dish gains more flavours as the time goes by, so preparing this dish one day prior to serving might be a good idea.
– Since this is a “one pot wonder” it is really easy to make. The only thing you need to do is really keep an eye on it while it cooks so you don’t lose too much liquid and end up burning it.
– Planning on eating this with rice? it might be a good idea to not cook all the liquid out of this stew, so that you will have a bit of sauce left that gets sucked by the rice to give it flavour.


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