Chocolate Covered Orange – EverQuest 2

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In game information:

Description: This homemade food increases your maximum power and replenishes additional health during non-combat situations.


Well, I guess this is what they mean by “chocolate covered orange”, since surely nobody wants to snack on a plain orange dipped in chocolate! This recipe is quite time-consuming, but well worth the effort; it also makes a nice, all homemade and inexpensive little gift. Cinnamon is my personal touch: vanilla sounds good too, but doesn’t give as much character!


2 Oranges
0,5 dl Powdered sugar
5 g Butter
120g Dark chocolate
0,5 tsp Cinnamon


  1. Wash and peel the oranges well.
  2. Cut the orange peels into about 1 cm wide slices.
  3. Put the cut orange peels to a pot and cover with cold water.
  4. Bring the water with the orange peels slowly to a boil over medium heat.
  5. Once the water starts to boil, strain the water from the orange peels well with a metal sieve.
  6. Repeat Steps 3,4 and 5 for three more times.
  7. Weigh the orange peels and combine in the pot with same weight of sugar, and 1 dl water.
  8. Boil the orange peels with the sugar and water mixture for 20 minutes, stirring every now and then.
  9. Strain and set the orange peels aside to cool off for about 15-20 minutes.
  10. Put the powdered sugar into a container with a lid.
  11. Add the boiled orange peels to the container with the powdered sugar, close the lid and give it a good shake.
  12. Set the orange peels aside to dry off for about 12-24 hours.
  13. Once the orange peels are hardened from the outside but still flexible, you can start preparing the chocolate covering.
  14. Melt the butter and chocolate using double boiler method.
  15. Mix the cinnamon to the melted chocolate.
  16. Take the chocolate off the heat and dip the orange peels in it.
  17. Set the chocolate covered orange peels aside to harden.
  18. Once the chocolate has hardened, you can store the treats in a dark and cool place.


– You can speed up the drying progress by using oven or food dehydrator.
– Remember, this recipe consumes a lot of time. (bringing the cold water to a boild over medium heat took me about 30 minutes each time!)
– Do not throw away the “syrup” that is left after sieving the orange slices for the last time, you can use it with tee or the next time you decide to bake a cake!


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