Charred Skeever Meat – Skyrim

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In game information

Effects: Restore 2 points of Health


Ah the giants of skyrim… such noble creatures, when they aren’t herding mammoths or handing out free tickets to the goddamn Secunda or Masser with their huge clubs, they’re creating delicious food items out of stinky, nasty giant rodents.

On my last adventure I managed to lay my hands on a agronian princess, one of the giants’ cook books and was able to translate the recipe for skeever roast. That was fortunate, since mine always turned out too dry and bland.

Now my giantese is a bit rusty… but the recipe goes somewhat like this:

1. Cut meat off skeevers back.
2. Roll meat in red spices.
3. Pierce meat in stick.
4. Sear meat in flames.
5. Put meat near fire and cook slow.
6. Eat.

Since open flames are rarely used for cooking nowadays, I tried to simulate the cooking process the best I can by searing the meat first on a pan and then finishing it in the oven, and it seemed to work just great.


Big piece of pork sirloin (700-800g)
2 tbsp (10g) Paprika powder
1 tbsp (4g) Chili powder
1 tbsp (4g) Cayenne powder
1,5 tbsp (18g) Salt
Chunk of butter (30g)


  1. Preheat oven at 120°C ( 250°F ).
  2. (optional) Trim the sirloin into the shape of the skeever meat.
  3. Mix all the dry ingredients.
  4. Roll the sirloin in the spices until it is evenly coated.
  5. Heat up the butter on a large pan over high heat.
  6. Wait until the pan gets very hot and the butter starts to brown.
  7. Sear well each side of the sirloin in the pan.
  8. Transfer the seared meat into the oven and stick a meat thermometer in the thickest part of it.
  9. Bake the meat for about 1,5 hours or until inner temperature reaches 72°C ( 162°F ).


– Let the meat sit in room temperature for about 30-60 minutes before cutting into it.
– Make sure the pan is HOT before starting to sear the meat. When the butter starts smoking slightly it’s a good sign that your pan is hot enough!


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